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Report on the trip to Belarus 2.0 ( July this year)


Journey beyond the Bug. An escapade of several “locals” which I can confidently compare to the film script of the adaptation of the book The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”.

For me personally, it was a very sentimental, personal journey. The words I heard when I was young from the still living generation of borderlanders, members of my closest family, whose fate in post-war Poland was intertwined with my small homeland of southern Podlasie, came to life in my body.

The journey across the border, which arms one’s patience and hardens one’s spirit, I now perceive as an initiation, a passage through the “old wardrobe”, what is on the other side is a kind of resentment and a return to authenticity, of people longing for it in the surrounding Polish super-villain’s powdered and artificial reality, which has flushed the country like a fog and these children wandering in i

Brest is a large former provincial city, imbued with the spirit of the Republic of Poland, proudly emphasised on the beautiful plaques of the city’s 1,000th anniversary plinth in 2022, founded by the President of the Republic of Belarus, “dictator” Lukashenko (one can become completely dumb if one is welded to a glass and a radio of “free Poland”). The public space is clean, tidy, with no advertisements for tights, gels, cement or other cepelia. We are in Belarus. There, Russian and Belarusian language reigns in the public space of shop windows and on the languages of the boulevard and the street. Kalmyk, meaning Lenin, who stands on a platform, is neither warm nor cold to the locals, no one lays flowers for them, it is pure folklore, our propaganda presents these images in a pushy way, communising Belarusians… nonsense. They joke that an outstretched hand on a Kalmyk pedestal, towards where a Catholic temple stands, on the other side of the avenue, tells you to go to church 😁. Such is the grooming of the Jew-Bolsheviks there. A great distance, characterised by the intelligent.

On the main pedestrian precinct of the city, Dąbrowskiego Ave. 1918-1945 or today Soviecka Avenue, after the after 1945, which is also commemorated on a plaque in that promenade. The mass of young people, women, children, young people, married couples and heterosexual couples is conspicuous, the moral backwardness and disgrace/shame😁, for a person swallowed by the Euro-Kolkhoz mundanities unbelievable…shock. Banning faggotry without decrees or orders, oh all fascists and darkness. Local bars and restaurants bustling serving local drinks and food, masses of cafes. Zero homeless people, black engineers, menials and ZERO junkies. They were buried for the duration of our entry, surely…a stupefied Pole would say so. People maximally open, helpful, honest and intellectually beating the omnibuses from polin* and other euroland governorates. National identity, culture and personal culture is what we have to learn from them, it is good that they are there and want to help, we have it easier. If you travel 200km by minibus to Grodno, you will see a beautiful landscape, poor but proud and tidy villages and fields of grain at the state-owned kolkhozes, they feed themselves, and their food is excellent, sausages, bacon, eggs, caviar, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese of all kinds in state-owned modern shops… so modern and state-owned you can, as I have seen these wonders myself.

Grodno 70% Polish Catholics, including our Janek the man of the soul🥲 the international driver who accompanied us and took his time for the family, to arrange return tickets. After a whole night at the border and several weeks on the road. Such are the Poles and Belarusians on the Neman and the Bug Rivers, our brothers, whom we have in the media as enemies and …. . So much for that.

Janek boy, you have stolen my heart ❤️🇵🇱. Coming back to the city on the Neman River 340.000 mixed marriages 🇵🇱 🇧🇾 and beautiful historic churches and orthodox churches and the castle 🏰 on the hill surrounded by the lazily flowing Neman River and that’s what Grodno is, just like Belarus. Calm, unhurried, always making time for another human being….. Total chillout, as my colleague said…. Belarus is a chillout, definitely.

I could go on and on and on, but what for? As you too can go, walk via the wardrobe, and feel the Poland that no longer exists… HERE…, standing in front of the door to this old piece of furniture.


*polin – term, created by Jewish, masonic and international forces – to turn Poland into a tumour where Jews rule and will continue to rule, Poles will be only their servants.

Simple Man.



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